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Age of Sentinels’ HQ under construction

We are busy “constructing” Age of Sentinels' virtual headquarters, bringing all the necessary pieces together and working on something spectacular. 

Something that will stand the test of time, and will be a beacon in the industry.

All the cornerstones for the foundation, bar one, have been laid. We have put in place the proof of concept, utilized our managerial skills, and fleshed out our Lore. We have gone through securing financing and working wisely with it, and our development team has been hard at work creating core systems required for our next-generation game. The last cornerstone to be slotted into place is our NFTs, and we are ready to lay that piece on 19 December 2022 to complete the foundation of what is to become the Age of Sentinels legacy.

The first NFTs to be launched will be the Male Knight NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Royal Elorian Knights are there to keep the peace on Eloria, protect the people against invaders, and protect the ruling monarch and their family at all costs.

Prospective Knights start their service to the crown and training at the tender age of 12. All males and females of noble birth are eligible to become Knights, although not all attain the desired status. One can also become a Knight through acts of valor, and the opportunity to train can then be passed on to one's descendants.

The training is intense and many fail, but those who are Knighted and receive their armor and swords are the best of the best. They are disciplined, courageous, and well-trained in warfare. The armor of the Knights is customizable, available in a large variety, and they favor the sword and shield in battle.

When the threat of the Spectrals returned, the time had come to raise an army of Sentinels again and the Royal Knights of Eloria definitely qualify to start their training as Sentinels, if they so choose.

The Female knights will be released in the first quarter of 2023 and we are very excited to see our Sentinels on the Myria Marketplace.

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